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Listed below are some FAQ. Hopefully they will answer some questions you 

might have regarding Irish Dancing. If any parents have questions they would

like answered (No matter how big or small) please don't hesitate to ask Craig

after your child's dancing class or contact them through the contact page


What should my child wear to his/her first dancing class?

As irish dancing is an energetic activity to take part in, it is best for your child to wear some light clothing. eg. T-shirt, shorts/leggings.

Most children take part in their first dancing class bare foot. If your child shows interest in Irish Dancing and decides to take regular classes, Irish Dance shoes, light and heavy, can be ordered from Craig.



Frequently Asked Questions:

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How old does my child have to be to attend a dancing class? How long does a class last?


Both boys and girl aged 3+ are welcome to attend classes at The Craig Mason Academy. All our beginner classes last one hour and involve both warm up and cool down exercises.

What is a feis? 


A feis, pronounced fesh, is an Irish Dancing competition. Throughout the year, there will be many opportunities for your child to participate in a feis. At each feis, your child will compete against other dancers in the same age group and level. At The Craig Mason Academy, competing at feis' is not compulsory but strongly advised as we feel competing really helps children see their hard work paying off.



What level does my child compete in and when does he/she move up to the next level?


There are four levels in competitive Irish Dancing - Beginner, Primary, Intermediate and Open. At your child's first feis, he/she will compete in a beginner section with other beginner dancers. If there are six or more competitors in your childs competition and your child is awarded first place, he/she qualifies to move up a level in that specific dance.

If there are fifteen or more competitors in your childs competition and your child is awarded first, second or third place, he/she also qualifies to move up a level in that specific dance.





What child protection does The Craig Mason Academy provide?

All classes are held privately and no spectators are allowed into the class as this is distracting to the children. Additionally teachers of the academy are fully CRB checked and have been cleared of CLRG An Coimisiun Le Rinci Gaelacha vetting procedure along with NSPCC safe guarding trained. We, as teachers aim to maintain a safe and welcoming environment for the children to learn.


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